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140 pages of fun illustrations

japanese language, history , dojo , uniform, rank,quizzes,etiquette ,warmups footwork , basic techniques and attacks,weapons glossary and more.

All printed on high quality stock.
Distributed by Aikido of Maine


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  • Joy & Sincerity


    Francesco Dessi is a great role model! 
    In his wonderful children’s aikido  book we find the joy, freshness, rigor, sincerity and the will to communicate his vision.
    Thanks to Francesco and his book young students will have the best qualities of an Aikidoka to emulate.

    by Christian Tissier from
    Circle Tissier
    Paris, France
  • Aikido’s Bright Future!


    "Let's Learn Aikido" is a wonderful addition to any dojo's library. Francesco Dessi has done a great job, using beautiful illustrations to draw in and engage the young reader. His approach is fresh and positive, conveying the spirit of Aikido.

    I look forward to training with these young readers in the future!

    by Lia Suzuki from
    AKI Los Angeles
    6th dan, USA Representative: AKI
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Beautiful images


    The first moment I saw this book I was convinced that it would help young students learn many things about our practice. I saw this a great tool in making the children’s aikido experience richer. I also saw it as a great way to encourage and help parents get involved in their children’s aikido path. It is also helping kids during test preparation. The kids and parents in our dojo are loving it!

    by Gary Small from
    Aikido of Maine
    Portland, Maine Helping parents and children connect with Aikido.
  • Wonderful book


    Just home from travels. Opened your wonderful book. Wow, you are right.
    It’s a fantastic presentation of Aikido for kids. Congratulations on your co-creation effort.
    I will gladly purchase copies for my staff and share your book with my colleagues in Seattle as well if you like.

    by Kimberly Richardson from
    Two Cranes Aikido
    6th dan
    Seattle, WA
  • Really informative and fun


    This book does for young people in Aikido what Greg O’Conner’s book, The Aikido Student Handbook: A Guide to the Philosophy, Spirit, Etiquette and Training Methods of Aikido, did for adult students of the art.

    It covers everything from Japanese terminology and pronunciation, etiquette, dojo layout, how to fold ones gi, rolling, basic techniques etc. The book is written as a teaching tool. There are little quizzes after a given section.

    The illustrations are charming. For young children, I could see parents reading the book to them and ending up with a better understanding of what the art is about than most parents typically have. Older young people won’t be bored either.

    Very nice book I’d love for the kids in my young people’s program to read.

    by George S. Ledyard from
    Aikido Eastside
    6th dan
    Bellevue, WA
  • Beautifully illustrated


    Let’s Learn Aikido is a wonderful introductory primer for any aikido teacher to share with children in the dojo junior program. Beautifully illustrated, Let’s learn Aikido offers detailed explanations of basic aikido techniques and terminology as well as what it means to be a member of a dojo in terms of responsibilities and etiquette.  Let’s Learn Aikido is a great read for beginning adults as well.



    by Bruce Bookman from
    Tenzan Aikido
    seattle, WA

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